I’m back from the dead. Well I was obviously never dead, but my blog was.

A year and a half ago I started this blog on exploring minimalism, but quickly got distracted as I (semi-)spontaniously decided to quit my job and leave the country to work as an intern in Berlin. It was a radical change, and blogging just wasn’t a priority as it was a bumpy ride. Short update on that: I’m still in Berlin and working full-time for the same company.

I have however decided to start blogging again, and I’d like to share my thoughts and updates on some changes I am doing this year – as well as choices and mistakes I have done.

It took me a long time to settle down, and I’m still unsure if I will stay in this city. For now, I would like to do some positive changes to my life, including getting rid of physical belongings as well of some emotional baggage. In this blog, you can follow my journey, and hopefully my experiences can help and inspire you as well. Even if it means that you’re thinking “Jeez, I’ll never, ever do what she did.”