The past 5 years I have moved sixteen times. For the first time in a long time, I am standing still.

Positively minimalMy nomadic years were happy years. I’ve explored, I’ve met a lot of wonderful people and every day was fun somehow. But every day also had an element of stress to it, not knowing where I would be staying the next day, week or month.  I have lived out of my suitcase, slept on mattresses on the floor, lived without a fridge and I have taken the wrong metro home after work because I forgot where I was staying.

Moving turned into a lifestyle. The constant change in my life has forced me to make some tough, but very useful decisions. However, it has also prevented me from dealing with certain issues for many years. And here we are.

My lifestyle has definetely changed how I assign value to belongings as well as relationships. I’m inspired by travelling, architecture and minimalism, as well as friends and family. The minimalism tag isn’t too bad, so I have used that to best describe my blog. I will share my previous experiences, as well as the coming challenges with you here.

Have fun reading!