So, I already told you that I’m rubbish at keeping up a good routine for something like the minimalism game. Luckily it doesn’t prevent me from getting rid of things, just weeks later instead.

Last weekend I went back home to visit my parents. When I moved abroad, I left a lot of stuff at their place. Crate after crate of clothes, shoes and household items from my student days. I went through most of my things and managed to get rid of four bags of clothes for charity, as well as throwing away another bag of things.


Some of my junk

In the ocean of things, it wasn’t much, but decent enough as a start. I also brought a sports bag of things with me back, with a few items to sell or give away, and the rest to replace worn out things I have here. I know that I could have been tougher on myself on that part, but most importantly is that the items now will come to use. If not, they will have to go as well.

It was fairly easy to get rid of things, and the changing of the seasons is a great opportunity to go through your wardrobe. Sell, give away and throw out things you haven’t worn in more than 6 months, things that are too small, and things you could never picture yourself in again. I promise you, after not having worn certain clothes for years, you get a pretty good picture of these things (you know that moment when you tell yourself “I wore that?!”)

I feel quite good from doing it, not only for my own sake, but also releasing my parents from some of my (to them especially) useless stuff. I encourage you to do a wardrobe cleanup as well. Good luck!