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“What about the blue crates?”, I asked him.

“Crates? Which crates? There’s nothing left up here. Did you get everything from the basement?”

Blue crates

CC focalpointx (flickr)

I felt my stomach starting to tie up in knots. This was not good, not good at all. I didn’t want to admit it, but I immediately knew that my things were lost forever; my record collection, my good speakers, my cute little vintage bags. Irreplacable. Gone.

My ex looked down at me from the attic, signalising that he was coming down. He balanced on the chair’s back rest with one foot, placed the other one down on the seat, leaving a dirty footstep on the black leather. Well down, he brushed off the dirt, but his eyes caught my puzzled little face. In my head, I was already calculating the damage. At the moment I wasn’t sure if it my mistake of leaving my belongings there would cost me more in euros or in mental anguish.

“I really don’t know what you mean. If they’re not in the basement, then I don’t know where they are.”

“Are you sure? They were milk crates, blue ones. About this big”, I said and drew the shape of the crates in the air with my hands. “There were at least ten of them, if not fifteen.”

His eyes said “no”, and I knew that I couldn’t ask him again. I knew him well enough to know that our talk was over. I could sense him getting annoyed for me asking, as fifteen identical crates full of things simply can’t be misplaced or forgotten in a flat. Especially not one this size.

I was here to finally pick up my belongings. After the breakup, my things in the flat had slowly found their way to the flat’s basement, the attic and nooks around his shop next door’s. My biggest worry was that nothing in the basement had been packed to be stored like that, so I was fully prepared for that some things would just have to be thrown out directly. I was less prepared for finding out that half of my things were missing. Presumably stolen from the basement.

I looked at my phone. The van would be here in fifteen minutes, and my friends too. He gave me the keys and suggested that I’d do one more round to double check if I wanted to.

“If I’m in the bath when you leave, just chuck them through the mail slot.” He gave me a big, long hug, his woollen jumper brushing against me cheek. It was newly washed and the smell of detergent mixed with the homely smell of him that I knew so well. “I feel really sick, so I need to get some rest. Let’s not let this be the last time we see each other, ok?”

“Ok”, I said looking down, tears in my eyes.

He left trough the shop door and I held my breath and waited. When I heard the door slam next door, I finally let myself breath. “Stupid, stupid, stupid!”, I thought to myself. “Why on earth would I let my things be here for so long?” I took a deep breath and decided to do one more desperate stroll around the place. Attic, nope. Storage, nothing. Creepy basement, no, nada. The rest of my stuff was lined up in front of both entrance doors. Chairs, table, a few crates and bags. That was it.

It was long overdue to collect what was mine, to let his space be his again. We needed closure on several levels. I looked at my phone again. Five to seven. I went outside to check for the van, and as I opened the door, I was met by my friend’s sweet smile in the dark and cold street. There was snow and sadness in the air.

“Are you ready?”, she asked, rubbing her hands together as she was eager to start.

Her happy face made me grin from ear to ear as well.  “Yes. You’ll be pleased to hear that I have fewer things than I remembered, so I’m more than ready. Let’s get this over with.”

Today I deleted 3 e-mail accounts.

Yes, 3.


You might wonder how I can have so many accounts that I can “afford” deleting three of them. Well, account hoarding happens.

92 unread emails. Hope I didn't miss any.

CC LeoAlmighty (Flickr)

Imagine that you lead a very active online life. Imagine that you are slightly paranoid about one day having your account compromised. It’s in general a good idea to have a few seperate accounts, like a personal, serious one, and one more anonymously named. You don’t always want the spam that signing up for competitions and newsletters might generate, to land in your regular inbox.

The problems starts when you have twenty of them. Or even thirty. One for each blog you ever started. Several with your name. One with a nickname for those annoying newsletters. Another for your freelance work, one for your spam and for your slightly less serious newsletters. I even have one with a name similar to “”. I should dedicate one to my plethora of e-mail accounts soon.

Before deleting them, I made sure that all important accounts and profiles connected to them were closed. By important, I don’t actually mean that their content or form were particularly important to me. I simply made sure that the personal data connected to my profiles were deleted – sometimes it takes more than clicking that unsubscribe link. You might have to log in to delete a profile, or even ask the company to delete your user data. Write them anyway if you are in doubt and make sure that it’s confirmed. It might take some time, but it feels great to do some digital decluttering!

For unsubscribing newsletters, there are nifty little programs you can use, such as unrollme, but I haven’t tried this myself. I would prefer not to open yet another account for something. With each account and profile comes a password, and the burden of remembering these is also taken off my shoulders. Ok, ok – it might not be a burden on a daily basis, but quite the pain in the ass when you have to request a new password each time you log in because you’ve forgotten it. Right now I feel lighter and happier.

Do you want to feel relieved? I can highly recommend you to go on a digital deleting spree.

I’m back from the dead. Well I was obviously never dead, but my blog was.

A year and a half ago I started this blog on exploring minimalism, but quickly got distracted as I (semi-)spontaniously decided to quit my job and leave the country to work as an intern in Berlin. It was a radical change, and blogging just wasn’t a priority as it was a bumpy ride. Short update on that: I’m still in Berlin and working full-time for the same company.

I have however decided to start blogging again, and I’d like to share my thoughts and updates on some changes I am doing this year – as well as choices and mistakes I have done.

It took me a long time to settle down, and I’m still unsure if I will stay in this city. For now, I would like to do some positive changes to my life, including getting rid of physical belongings as well of some emotional baggage. In this blog, you can follow my journey, and hopefully my experiences can help and inspire you as well. Even if it means that you’re thinking “Jeez, I’ll never, ever do what she did.”